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Give your customers and partners search-powered, predictive analytics.

Your customers and partners crave more insights, but data are disparate and inaccessible. With Orion, you can deliver insights to your users by infusing search-driven, predictive analytics into your applications, portals, and workflows.


First, you upload or connect your data sources, then we take over:

  • We set up a search page for you.

  • We equip the search page with prediction streams.

  • We add business synonyms to our system to create a robust search experience.

You get access to a beautiful search experience that enables your users to ask questions in english from your data, and get real-time predictions and insights with the ease of a Google query.

Orion machine learning as a service

What kind of insights do we get?

Profiles show the business logic that yield certain outcomes. For example, "what do buyers look like?" Orion can profile your data and return ideal attributes that describe the most-likely or least-likely buyers. This is very useful for optimization, or business process improvement.

Orion lists the business drivers for each prediction stream. For example, if you want to predict revenues for the next quarter, Orion will surface the drivers of revenue and rank order them based on their marginal contribution to your revenue target.

Orion generates forecasts, instantly, for questions that are predictive in nature. For example, a user might ask, "which of my customers will quit next month," and Orion will surface a list of users with the highest probability of attrition.


What is a prediction stream?
A prediction stream is a dynamic, predictive model that ingests data in realtime, and uses it to make and store predictions, which our search product surfaces through natural language queries. You can think of each prediction stream as a separate model delivering predictions and insights about your business, your customers, etc.

How long does it take to set up a search page?
Basic search (without predictions) takes about a day to set up, and each prediction stream typically takes an additional day to set up.

How does the search system work?
Orion Search works by in two ways: first, it translates english questions into SQL statements that can tabulate and visualize your data. Second, if questions are predictive, such as "what will revenues be next quarter," Orion Search spawns an AI process (a prediction stream) to generate and surface predictions, which it then uses to tabulate and visualize results.

Is there an API that we can use?
Yes, contact our team, and we can set it up for you.

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